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So what is Wade's Martial Arts about

Classes: Monday & Wednesday 7pm & 8pm

Professor Anthony Wade 8th degree black belt

What do the students say...

I mostly enjoy the challenge of learning something new. Training in martial arts is definitely physically and mentally challenging …

The biggest change I have seen would be my self confidence. The first night I started training I thought there is no way I can do this. I am still here and gaining more confidence every class.

One thing that I can say about training at Wade's Martial Arts is the push from Sifu Wade. Sifu Wade knows how to push as far as your body will go; from conditioning your body to learning the proper techniques.

I started training at WMA because I didn’t know how to defend myself. Now I’m learning how to and having fun at the same time. Since I started training I’ve noticed my attitude and respect for people has improved.

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What's it all mean


KA (Kanji-long life) - comes from the word Karate, an art form that places the emphasis on hard and powerful techniques.

Judo / Jujitsu

JU (Kanji-happiness) - comes from Judo and Jujitsu, art forms that emphasize throwing, locks and sweeps.


KEN (Kanji-fist) - comes from Kenpo, a form of karate that not only stresses the hard and powerful movements, but emphasizes multiple and fluid hand techniques.

Chinese Boxing

BO (Kanji-style) - comes from Chinese boxing (Chuan Fa). Chinese boxing means Kung Fu, which puts emphasis on flexibility and agility, parrying and evasive movements that flow together.


In close or medium distance